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Monday, October 16, 2006

Fresh Experience

Wow... I've finally set up my very own blog!!! Have been procrastinating... Thought Blogging is a good way to voice out my reflections for the geography lessons and pin down my thoughts after each lesson. Alright, I'll start the habit of blogging after every class. Well should't be tough as I have the habit of writing diary... wonder how many people are still like me, keeping a diary of their lives... I'll start my reflection now!
Today we had a class on RIVERS... Recalling what I've learnt from the class...Hmm...most vivid would be the song "Bengawan Solo", yes..an Indonesian song which beautifully depict the RIVER, a wonderful and majestic creation of God. I really like the song. Was feel quite 'dead' early in the morning, listening to this song really wakes me up!
We had some game relating to concepts and information on rivers as well. But I'll not carry this out in my class in future as I can be certain that the students will be busily throwing the dice and moving the counters around the board rather than glean precious info from the game...
Alright! I've written quite a fair bit, will end off now for this very first entry.


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