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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Micro-teaching on Population

Supposed to blog this last week but just couldn't find the time to do so. Finally I can have the luxury of time to sit down and continue my geography journey via blogging.
The lesson conducted by Clara was indeed great! She's simply a dynamic teacher! She's the 'no nonsense' type of teacher...students wouldn't dare even to yawn or daydream in her class. That's for the classroom management part, I salute her! As for the delivery of the whole lesson, thought it was fabulous as well. Concepts on Population Density was very clearly delivered and explained, students would have not problem grappling this topic. And the best part is using green & red beans to represent population size to illustrate population density. Thought the 4 case scenarios on population density were well chosen and really enhances students' thinking. They do not just passively receive what is being taught but actively apply what they have learnt through hands-on activities. That was so innovative or at least she's resourceful to find ways to engage her students. Yes..I'm going to adapt this for my own teaching in future, thanks a bunch...Clara! I definitely see the importance of engaging students kinesthetically!


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