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Friday, November 10, 2006

Post-Microteaching's thoughts

Wheew...It's finally over!!!
Why am I so elated when it's just the very beginning of my teaching voyage... But at least this 'long-awaited' day is over. And it has indeed set me thinking and reflect about numerous issues regarding myself, my teaching methods, delivery of lesson, communicating to the class the intended content etc. There are just so many things to reflect upon and evaluate, and definitely many areas to work on and improve upon.
I would start off with my inability to envisage questions and queries that students might have concerning the topic, specifically GM Food. I was certainly taken aback by some of the questions as well as enthralled by the questions they raised but it is good that all these surfaced now than in future when I am really placed in the classroom facing my class of 40 and my SUPERVISOR... Yes there are a lot for me to work on in terms of content. The problem with me is complacency, not inquisitive enough about my surroundings which is essential for a any being, what less for a geography teacher. Geography teacher is expected to know about almost everything that concerns the EARTH!


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